If you are contacting us for press or publication purposes, or to request participation in a lecture or as a judge in a competition or an award, please write to us at press@suppose.jp, making sure to indicate the following:

  • Name

  • Company

  • Country

  • TEL

  • Mail address

  • The details of your inquiry

    • - Request for press coverage
    • - Request for publication approval
    • - Request for participation in a lecture
    • - Request for participation as a judge in a competition or an award

If requesting press coverage or publication approval, please indicate the name of your publication, the address of your website publication (if applicable), the launch or publication date, a detailed description, and the publication deadline.
If requesting our participation in a lecture or as a judge in a contest, please indicate details (e.g. event or publication name, budget) and desired date and time for our participation.

If you would like to receive a press kit for a specific project, go to the WORKS or IDEAS page and search for the relevant project, then download the press kit from the project’s webpage. If you would like to use the press kit or require high-resolution data for use in a printed medium, please read the guidelines in the project's download page and contact us using the above format.