Scatterings Tossed Together

It’s been thought all along.

A place where outer is conjoined with inner.
Complete in its incompletion.
The relationship between being and not.

Make a place that fits no preconception,
that sets up a contradictory state of affairs.

The star in itself hasn’t meaning or function in the sky;
connected we see a “constellation”, and new meaning comes into being.
The shape of every single tree differs from the next;
we say “nature” and draw them together, and behold a gorgeous vista.

What no one knew, was affected by, or gave thought to,
what was tossed into disorder, became then intertwined,
and suddenly a new world is introduced, and from time to time, invention.

After facing down a multitude of projects head-on,
we can’t help finding that they all come down to questions of society.

Change values. Bring forth value.

That’s been the thought, all along.