Ai Yoshida

Architect / Founder, CEO


1994 Graduated from Anabuki Design College
1994  Worked at Izutsu Co.,Ltd.
1996 Worked at Kikuchi Design
2001 Suppose design office
2014 Established SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co.,Ltd.

2017年 Established Vantage Point Properties Co.,Ltd
2017年 Established Sha-shokudo
2018年 Established BIRD BATH&KIOSK

Not only as an architect, I also produce and mange the food and beverage department and direct the guest house “Kamakura-Hanare”, and so on. I work across different fields with a focus on architecture.


I would like to imagine a future where we could feel the beauty everywhere.

Go back to the essence in any situation and keep thinking so as not to lose it.
Keep acting to realize it.

Architecture and design are expressions of such attitudes and thoughts, and are also places for learning. We want to be a team that continuously shapes the future, engaging in all kinds of creation in such a cycle.