Chiharu Yamada

Sha-shokudo Staff


Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Hollywood Beauty & Fashion college. Married in 2005 after working as a hair dresser and an office worker. Gave birth to my daughter in 2007 and to my son in 2013. Cooking food for my family while raising my children became my everyday pleasure. Then I started wanting to learn more deeply and widely about food and cooking, which pushed me to get back to society. After working as a lunch server at an early childhood education and care center, joined Sha-shokudo.


I plan meals for my family every day by thinking about their health, and I am applying this same thought to my work in Sha-shokudo.
By making nutritiously balanced food and sometimes creating new menus and taking family (staff members)’s request in consideration, above anything, I put my effort to cook meals that let people feel the happiness of eating. I feel happiness about being able to work in an environment where I can be close to architecture and interior designs, which I like just as much as I like cooking.