Q1There’s a project I’d like to discuss with Suppose Design Office. What should I do?

Please fill out and submit our Contact Form. We’d be happy to hear from you, even if it’s just a simple question.

Q2Do you design houses? What about stores? Do you do renovations?

Yes, we can design a new house or store from scratch, develop a renovation plan, and even offer city-planning ideas. Please feel free to contact us about any kind of architectural work.

Q3What is the process for hiring you for a project?

First, enter the details of the project in our Contact Form, and then submit the form. If necessary, we’ll follow up by email. We’ll then schedule a date for you to visit our office, either in Tokyo or Hiroshima—or set up a remote meeting via Skype or other means—so that we can learn more about your preferences and way of thinking. We’ll also use the opportunity to explain our approach to architecture. Think of it as a chance for us to get to know each other. The first meeting is free, so feel free to contact us about any potential projects.

Q4Will I need to prepare anything?

Please bring any documents related to your plot or building. Other than that, there’s nothing in particular you need to prepare. It would be good to have some idea of what you’re hoping to achieve and any details you feel are important for us to know. We will also be asking about your budget, desired schedule, your current lifestyle (if hiring us to design a house), and other details about the proposed project.

Q5Before we officially hire you for a project, can we receive a blueprint to give us a better idea of what we can expect?

Following our first meeting, we will use the information you provided us to conduct an onsite survey and create a presentation that will explain our approach in detail (including a simple blueprint, model, and computer rendering, which will take 8 to 12 weeks to complete following the survey). If you are happy with the presentation and decide to hire us, you will not be charged anything extra. However, if you decide not to go with us, we will charge you for the presentation and transport to the site. The presentation fee varies from project to project; please ask for details.

Q6Can we contact you even if we haven’t selected a plot of land?

Of course. We can still offer you advice based on a variety of plot types, budgets, and other factors. We can even suggest a plot that is under the management of our affiliate, Vantage Point Properties (https://zekkei.properties/).

Q7I have a lot of demands.

Tell us all about them. We’ll do what we can to help make your dream come true.

Q8What if our budget is limited?

We’ll work with you to find the best balance possible between your budget and your desires so that the completed project is as close to your vision as possible. We’ll provide the best advice we can based on our experience, but some aspects may take longer to finalize due to fluctuations in market prices and other factors.

Q9How much do designs cost?

Although it would depend on the size and other factors, the usual estimated design fee for a house is about 15% of the construction cost. (If structural engineering or facilities/environmental engineering is required, separate fees will be charged. Each would be around 20-25% of the design fee.) After hearing the details, we will provide you a specific estimate for the project based on the conditions.

Q10Is it expensive?

We believe in building smartly—that is, we don’t believe that using the most expensive materials necessarily results in the best work. We will take the time to discuss the details that are important to you so that we can agree on a design and cost that reflect your wishes as much as possible.

Q11How long will the project take?

Since it depends on the details of the project, we can only offer you a schedule after we have discussed the project. We can normally complete a house in 18 to 36 months from our first meeting, although this can vary depending on your requirements.

Q12Do you accept work in locations where your offices are not based?

Of course. We are currently working on projects all across Japan, as well as overseas locations. If a job involves traveling to a different location, we will invoice for travel expenses in addition to our design and supervision costs. (We will send you an estimate for these costs based on the details you provide us.)

Q13Can I communicate with you in English?

We do have staff members who can communicate in English. If you would prefer to communicate in English, just let us know.