Chikako Shimo

Sha-shokudo Staff


1987 Born in Hiroshima prefecture
2006 Entered in a technical college, OmulaBeauty Creates
August 2007 Move to Tokyo to work at Fashion Core Midwest before the graduation.
2008 Graduated from OmulaBeauty Creates
Worked as a shop manager and buying at Fashion Core Midwest and left the company in 2014. After working as a salesperson in Kolor, joined Sha-shokudo.


As I prepare to serve the customer, I like to imagine "What kind of person are they? What might they like?"
I strive to find what is best for them.
I love it when a customer delights in what I can offer them. It's about being able to convey to people the beauty of things.
I hope to create a place and time where hearts and minds are moved by sensations of joy, beauty and flavor, all through our food.