Tanijiri Makoto

Architect / Founder, CEO


1994 Graduated from Anabuki Design College
1994 Worked at Motokane Architects
1999 Worked at HAL Architects
2000 Established Suppose design office
2014 Established SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co.,Ltd.

Since 2011 Part-time Lecturer at the Anabuki Design College
Since 2011 Visiting Professor at the Hiroshima Jyogakuin University
2012-2016 Part-time Lecturer at the Musashino Art University
2014-2016 Part-time Lecturer at Showa women's University
since 2015 Associate Professor at the Osaka University of Arts


If we have imagination of the past, we can imagine the future. The future is a continuation of the “now” that is made continuously from the past, and we call it culture and history. I would like to design such a continuity.